Scientific Research and Experimental Development

Research and Development. It’s where we cut our teeth over 20 years ago. It’s where we live. It’s what we do. Perhaps most importantly, it’s why we believe the only thing that’s impossible – is not solving a problem.



At BTI, we stay on top of the technology curve. Whether it’s the latest development in 3D scanning or additive manufacturing, or the newest in aerospace alloys and composites, Brican staff make it their hands-on business to fully understand breakthrough processes and materials. And we don’t just do this with a quick internet search. We actively investigate in collaboration with international research facilities. Our clients can rest assured – if their task requires it – they are receiving the most cutting-edge, yet cost-effective, solution available anywhere in the world.


We could tell you about the wind-tunnel design and fabrication we did for the University of Toronto’s Institute of Aerospace Studies (UTIAS). We could show you some of the sophisticated computational fluid dynamics models we creat before building the real thing. But it’s what we can’t show you that is perhaps most impressive: One-off solutions we have designed and built for satisfied clients across multiple sectors.

These are the achievements of which we are most proud. But – like all work we do – we are bound to protect these proprietary solutions.


See the box? Now look outside it – because that’s where our thinking is taking place. It is an integral part of the Brican philosophy to examine problems in new ways, searching for innovative solutions. Although the workflow is often linear – our approaches often are not. We examine challenges from all possible angles. As a result, clients frequently end up with a solution that comes with a distinct competitive advantage.