“We create systems that have never existed before.” — Brian McLuckie, Brican President

When it comes to automation and manufacturing, Brican Technologies does it all. Whether it’s the creation of an entirely new machine or the modernization of a reliable but inefficient production line, Brican has the team, the tools, the talent. We take on a broad swath of challenges from the manufacturing sector – and solve them with custom engineered, turnkey solutions.

As a respected systems integrator, Brican has the depth of expertise across a multitude of disciplines and skill sets, including:

Our Proven Process, Produces Results


Every successful project begins with understanding. At Brican Technologies, we place great emphasis on fully understanding the problem or issue our clients are facing – and the optimal solution they seek. This in-depth communication, both at the outset of a project and through to post-completion, is one of Brican’s many hallmarks.


At Brican, every phase of a job we tackle is equally important. Planning – whether the project is big or small – is a collective effort involving our talented cross-disciplinary team. This collaborative approach ensures that no stone is left unturned in our drive to provide the best, most reliable, and most value-driven solution possible.


We know design. Whether your challenge is to improve Takt time at a single station – or involves an entirely new assembly line or process – we have the talent and depth of expertise to design an efficient solution. With powerful SolidWorks software and a multitude of other tools at our disposal, you can be assured of a robust and innovative solution.


Regardless of the project, clients can be confident in the quality of the Brican build. Everything from the simplest guard fence to the most complex wiring or metal fabrication is carried out with the signature Brican attention to detail. We also have high-level expertise in composites and other exotic materials. Everything is build not only with skill – but with pride.


Nothing leaves our facility until we are satisfied that it performs at the level and meets the quality control upon which Brican has built its enviable reputation. And even once it has passed that rigorous test, our job is not over. Big or small, we’ll install the project at your site – and then ensure it is fully integrated within the rest of your work/process flow. At Brican, we truly deliver.