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Brian McLuckie - President, C.E.O.

Brian McLuckie – President, C.E.O.

Everywhere you look at Brican Technologies, you’ll see it: Professionals, working with state-of-the-art tools on state-of-the-art solutions.

When it comes to industrial manufacturing, that’s what we do – whether the job is programming a new CNC machine for a new task or designing an entirely new assembly line.

Since its inception in 1991, Brican has worked hard to develop an enviable reputation; one built on innovative solutions, reliability, safety and value. It’s something of the mantra of Brian McLuckie, a lifelong builder and problem-solver who built this company. For McLuckie, customizing a solution is all about understanding the needs of each individual customer.

 “We get to understand the technical requirements of a process, then start to develop process flow,” says McLuckie.

As any successful manufacturer knows, the large-scale production or fabrication of products requires that flow. It is here where McLuckie and his team excel. With on-site mechanical and electrical engineers, CNC programmers/operators, an aerospace engineer and many others, Brican offers an integrated solution to whatever complex job comes its way.

A division of the company, Brican Flight Systems, is also at the cutting edge of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), with its impeccably-built TD100 aircraft. Offering extended range and large payload capacity, the TD100 is up to whatever the task demands – ranging from high-resolution mapping to maritime search-and-rescue. The Canadian Navy is currently assessing the TD100 for its potential use in detecting submarines.

Brican offers custom-built versions of the TD100 tailored to a client’s specific data acquisition needs, and also flies mission-specific flights nationally and globally. With Applanix and other partners, we can produce everything from high-resolution mapping to hydrocarbon detection.

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Our mission is to deliver superior quality digital information, providing scientists a “unique perspective” into their fields of research through a distinct, safe and affordable aerial platform that can gather a variety of remotely sensed data,” said Brian McLuckie, president of Brican Flight Systems. “This is an exciting time for Brican and the Ontario aerospace industry as we strive to gain market share and establish a new leadership position in global markets for UAV technology.
Our mandate is to ensure that our customers achieve significant cost savings, improved production efficiencies and enhanced flight performance to maintain a globally competitive position in their respective industries.
We are innovators of automation methodologies with an extensive history of successful R&D and experimental development in automated, aerospace manufacturing and engineering. Our commitment to our customers is to deliver the most cost effective, and innovative solutions possible, and not simply automate a given manufacturing process with whatever technology is currently available.
When it comes to automation and manufacturing, Brican Technologies does it all. Whether it’s the creation of an entirely new machine or the modernization of a reliable but inefficient production line, Brican has the team, the tools, the talent. We take on a broad swath of challenges from the manufacturing sector – and solve them with custom engineered, turnkey solutions.