Past Projects BAS Model TD100M SUB HUNTER BAS "The Aircraft" From the ground up, the BAS aircraft Model “TD100” is an outstanding piece of purpose-built engineering. Every aspect of this remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) has been designed with the same attention to detail and rigour as a [...]



Automation Brican is a Canadian leader in industrial automation, offering state-of-the-art design, construction, installation and troubleshooting. Whether it’s designing a new assembly line and associated material transfer, writing the necessary coding or custom fabrication of work-holding tooling, we do it all - and more. Conceptual Design Samples [...]



CNC Automation At Brican, we live and breathe CNC - and that means every single step of the process. With expertise in programming, material handling/transfer and data collection, we develop highly efficient and effective custom-tailored solutions for clients. Whether you need a new way to produce a single part - or a complex process [...]


Material Handling

Repetitively handling material in a safe, reliable and error-free manner is crucial in industrial manufacturing. Even the smallest errors or inefficiencies can result in downtime or reduce takt times. Brican is a leader in custom work-holding tooling, reliable materials transfer, and their seamless integration. We design, build, test and install systems for our clients.


Assembly Lines

Industry leaders rely on Brican for their assembly line needs. We modify and improve existing assembly lines - and design and build new ones from concept to completion. Brican has produced systems for many of the leaders in the Canadian manufacturing industry in sectors ranging from automotive and aviation through to consumer goods. Some of [...]